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Naval warfare was a particularly bloody affair when it came down to trading blows, and pirate crews used every form of projectile th

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It may surprise you that despite all of our combined expertise and research connections worldwide, some artifacts have

Thoughts of piracy evoke visions of vessels and men armed to the teeth. Until recently, weapons from QAR were primarily represented by large artillery.

By the fall of 1718, Blackbeard had returned to his wicked ways in full force. Merchants and planters alike complained about the lack of action on the part of Governor Charles Eden, who may or may not have been colluding with the pirate.

“That the next morning after they had all got safe into Topsail-Inlet, except Thatch, the said Thatch’s ship Queen Anne’s Reve

Dawn breaks over the East Carolina sky as the intrepid recovery crew makes its way to the remains of Blackbeard’s flagship Qu

Pewter flatware, often referred to as plates or dishes depending on their size, provide one of our best methods of dating the w

Footwear has been considered a necessity throughout history and examples have been recovered from archaeological sites world