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To help educators integrate information about the project into their curricula, we collected references that relate to the transatlantic slave trade, pirates, Blackbeard, La ConcordeQueen Anne's Revenge and underwater archaeology below.

Our educational initiatives have previously included interactive webcasts that connect students and educators with archaeologists from the QAR lab.


African men, women, and children whose lives were impacted by the three slaving voyages of La Concorde. 147 captive Africans did not survive the journey.


Months Blackbeard spent as an active pirate. He likely gained experience as a British privateer prior to turning to piracy.


Months Blackbeard sailed Queen Anne's Revenge as his flagship. By comparison, the ship sailed as La Concorde for seven years.

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A Biography of Blackbeard

Few figures from North Carolina history inspire as vivid an image in the popular imagination as Blackbeard. Check out an overview of his life story on NCpedia, originally published in the Dictionary of North Carolina Biography, to begin to separate fact from fiction.

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