Museum Exhibits and More

The ultimate goal of the Queen Anne's Revenge project is to bring artifacts from the ocean floor to museum door to share this important story of North Carolina's history.

The N.C. Maritime Museum in Beaufort, which is the official repository for artifacts from Queen Anne's Revenge, offers a free exhibit where you can see many of the artifacts our project has conserved. The exhibit incorporates interactive displays, quizzes and props to help tell the story of the ship and offer a look into what the future holds for the shipwreck site. 

Artifacts from the wreck can also be seen at the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum in Hatteras, the N.C. Museum of History in Raleigh, the Museum of the Albemarle in Elizabeth City, and the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., while Historic Bath in Bath offers visitors the chance to walk some of the same paths that Blackbeard would have walked.

QAR Exhibit in Beaufort

More than 300 restored artifacts from Queen Anne's Revenge are on display at the North Carolina Maritime Museum in Beaufort. Artifacts ranging from cannon to the bones of livestock consumed on board to medical devices used to help keep the crew healthy are on display.

Visit the Blackbeard Exhibit in Beaufort

Walk Blackbeard's Footsteps

Infamous pirate Blackbeard once called Bath's Plum Point home.

Today you can walk in Blackbeard's footsteps at Historic Bath, one of 27 State Historic Sites.

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