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Blogging Blackbeard

North Carolina's expert maritime archaeologists, conservators, and historians invite you to explore an incredible chapter in pirate and maritime history. Discover the origins of the infamous Blackbeard and his prized flagship.

Welcome to Blogging Blackbeard! Follow the final journey of the French La Concorde, its capture by the infamous pirate Blackbeard, and its piratical life as Queen Anne’s Revenge with “On This Day.” Understand the historical context of 18th-century piracy with “Did You Know.” Discover unique artifacts recovered from the wreck of Queen Anne’s Revenge with “Artifact of the Month.” Learn how we preserve these artifacts for generations to come with “Conservation Highlights.” Our overall understanding of this shipwreck and the people, places, and events of the 18th century is ever-evolving as ongoing historical and archaeological research presents new dates, facts, and ideas. Continue to check back for new discoveries!

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