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***Tours of the Queen Anne's Revenge Conservation Lab are available by appointment only! Please see below for ways to register for educational tours!***

The Queen Anne's Revenge Conservation Lab in Greenville, NC is open for FREE educational tours of the exciting work undertaken at our facility! We conserve, document, and investigate the artifacts recovered from the shipwreck identified as the pirate Blackbeard’s flagship, Queen Anne’s Revenge.

Be among the first eyes to see pieces of the ship and objects touched by pirates that have been hidden under the ocean for almost 300 years, and experience all that is involved in preserving these priceless artifacts! It is because of your interest and support that we are able to continue learning about and sharing this incredible piece of history with our state, our nation, and our world. Highlights include:

  • Enter our warehouse, which contains one of the largest collections of cannon excavated from a single wreck.
  • View pieces of a real pirate ship, including a 12-foot anchor and parts of the hull structure itself.
  • Explore how we reveal mysteries of the sea through x-ray technology.
  • Preview fully-conserved artifacts before they reach the museum.

Tours of our working lab are provided by the conservators by appointment only, so please be aware that tour schedules may be limited as we work to preserve this significant shipwreck! Choose from our tour options below for more information and to register.

Large Group Tours and More

Other large group tour options (more than 20 people) are available by appointment at least one month in advance. Please contact the Lab for more information.

Tours are free and open to all ages. Come back throughout the year to see the latest happenings at our lab.

For further information, contact the QAR Lab at or (252) 744-6721.

Request a Large Group Tour Appointment

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