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By the fall of 1718, Blackbeard had returned to his wicked ways in full force. Merchants and planters alike complained about the lack of action on the part of Governor Charles Eden, who may or may not have been colluding with the pirate.

Blackbeard had now left the scene of the disaster at Beaufort Inlet, along with the wreckage of his once proud flagship Queen Anne’s Revenge.

On or around June 10, 1718, Blackbeard lost his Queen Anne’s Revenge at Topsail Inlet, present-day Beaufort, NC.

On or about May 22, 1718, Blackbeard showed the world that he meant business, disrupting trade for a major colonial port and striking fear into the leadership of the colonies.

On April 12, 1718, Blackbeard made a dramatic show of his ferocity and tenacity as he climbed the ranks of legendary pirates.

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On September 28, 1717*, La Concorde left Ouidah on the west coast of Africa with 516 enslaved men,

In late September 1717, Stede Bonnet met Blackbeard. Benjamin Hornigold and his associates, including his protégé Blackbeard, spent the spring and summer of 1717 plundering ships throughout the Caribbean, headquartered at the pirate haven of New Providence.

On June 27, 1717*, La Concorde arrived at the trading port of Juida (or Whydah), present-day Ouidah, Benin. Over the next several weeks, the crew traded the goods they brought with them from Europe for 516 slaves and 14 ounces of gold dust.

On June 7, 1717*, the crew of La Concorde set sail from Mesurade, in present-day Monrovia, Liberia, where they stopped two weeks prior to resupply necessities such as water and food.