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We reflect on the last year and all of the milestones we accomplished

As part of my Research Fellowship with the “Tale of Two Ships Project”, I traveled

The histories, stories, and legends told about such notorious pirates as Blackbeard can give the impression that the Atla

Knowing the history of Queen Anne’s Revenge, it is unsurprising that archaeologists have found examples of one of the most

Most people know the Queen Anne’s Revenge Conservation Lab as the place charged with the preservation of artifacts removed from this important archaeological site. This, however, is not our only responsibility.

My name is Hannah Francis; I am a PhD Candidate in the History Department at Rice University. As a graduate student, I research the history of French and Former-French colonies in the Atlantic World, places such as Haiti, Martinique and Louisiana.

QAR1274.013, known to lab staff as C25, is quite the standout piece from the usual QAR artillery assemblage.

When we left off last month, we shared the mysterious story of the QAR breech blocks. This month, the story continues…

The Tale of Two Ships Project has enabled me to research the history of La Concorde and Queen Anne’s Revenge, and grasp a more profound understanding of this one ship with very different iden

My name is Grace Fawcett and I am an intern at the Queen Anne’s Revenge Conservation Lab in Greenville, NC, through the