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The QAR Lab is now open for tours! Conservator Elise shares the ways in which you can experience our lab and view artifacts.

A common question we are asked here at the lab is “How do the archaeologists and conservators identify an artif

As the famous Mythbuster Adam Savage once said, “Remember kids, the only difference between [messing

Previously, we have discussed the process of conserving wo

Although the ship itself and a large portion of its contents—such as cask staves, gunstocks, and gun carriages—would have bee

As you have been following along with us, you have probably become aware of the scarcity of goods made f

With the slow wrecking of Queen Anne’s Revenge, you wouldn’t expect much of value to be left on board and you wo

What do all of these things have in common?...Shoes.

Metal objects from the Queen Anne’s Revenge shipwreck site vary greatly in their make-up, co

Medicine in the 18th century was quite different than in modern times.