Topics Related to Artifact of the Month

Former QAR Conservator and artillery expert Erik Farrell shares his observations on our collection of Swedish 1-pounder cannon

Several medical instruments have been discovered on the shipwreck, including a cautery iron.

Terry defines a chainplate and describes its function aboard a sailing ship.

Conservator Elise describes evidence for windows from the site

Daniel shares a specialized tool in our collection, its use, and other associated artifacts

Kim writes about analyzing coal from site 31CR314, La Concorde/Queen Anne's Revenge

Terry describes one of the important elements for properly rigging a ship - the deadeye.

Terry writes about one of the many carpentry tools from La Concorde/QAR - the lathing hammer.

Terry describes one of our many tools - a vise

Conservator Elise describes cannon aprons and what we can learn from them