Topics Related to Cultural Resources (DCR)

Join us at the annual Feast of the Pirates at Belville Riverwalk Park in Belville, NC starting at 10 AM!

Terry defines a chainplate and describes its function aboard a sailing ship.

Elise shares our recent experiences out and about in the community, assisting with identifying elemental composition of other collections

Conservator Elise describes evidence for windows from the site

Daniel shares a specialized tool in our collection, its use, and other associated artifacts

Finally ready for drying, timbers from site 31CR314 (La Concorde/Queen Anne's Revenge) make a trip to Maryland for special treatment

Kim writes about analyzing coal from site 31CR314, La Concorde/Queen Anne's Revenge

Nick dives right into his courses in Maritime Studies and gets hands-on experience in the field and in the lab

Terry describes one of the important elements for properly rigging a ship - the deadeye.

It was a busy year in the lab, with a lot accomplished!