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Internal Reports

Queen Anne's Revenge has attracted a bevy of accomplished scholars over the years, many of whom have published work directly related to findings from the shipwreck. These provide a deeper understanding of life at sea during the early 18th century. Some studies are highly technical, focusing upon certain artifacts with purposes that are difficult to understand. Others interpret archaeological findings at the site to shed light on life in coastal North Carolina during the colonial period. Though electronic copies of these documents aren't available directly here, many can be purchased or viewed on scholarly article databases like JSTOR.

Author(s) Title Year
Angley, Wilson An Historical Overview of the Beaufort Inlet - Cape Lookout Area of North Carolina 1982
Baillie, Michael G. Final Report on Dating QAR Timbers 2002
Boucaud, Phillip Pewter found aboard “Queen Ann's Revenge” 2010
Brown, Ruth Bronze Signalling or Saluting Gun 2007
Brown, Ruth QAR Breechblocks 2009
Cantelas, Frank Report on the SHARPS system used on the Queen Anne's Revenge 1997
DeBry, John Report on Archival Research Pertaining to the Concorde of Nantes and its Capture by Pirates in 1717 1999
Ducoin, Jacques Compte Rendu de Recherches dans les Archives Francaises sur le Navire Nantais La Concorde Capturé par des Pirates en 1717 2001
Focht, Adria Blackbeard Sails Again? Conservation of Textiles from the Queen Anne's Revenge Shipwreck 2008
Gillman-Bryan, Julep A Discussion of the Findings of the Natural Setting at the QAR site 2003
Henry, Nathan C. Natural Site Formation Processes on the Queen Anne's Revenge site 2000
Kohlmeyer, Jan Result of microscopic examination of samples from Queen Anne's Revenge 2004
Krop, David and Eric Nordgren Report on Examination of QAR Concretion Debitage 2004
Lawrence, Richard W. Preliminary Observations on British and American Documents Concerning the Activities of the Pirate Blackbeard, March 1717 to June 1718 2008
Lindquist, Neils Age Estimate for a coral collection from the Queen's Anne's Revenge 1999
Lusardi, Wayne The Blackbeard Shipwreck Project, 1999: With a Note on Unloading a Cannon 1999
Monaghan, David Water Analysis Report at QAR by the Marine Technology Program, Cape Fear Community College, Wilmington, NC 1998
Moore, David D Blackbeard Shipwreck Project, Old Topsail Inlet, North Carolina: Preliminary Research Design 1997
Suggs, Allison & Southerly Channel Movements over Wreckage Site 31CR314: Final project for Youth Advocacy and Involvement Internship 2004
Truelove Fabrications, Inc. Biological Data Files: Shipwreck, Beaufort Inlet, North Carolina 1998
Welsh, Wendy M., and Mark U. Wilde-Ramsing Final Report on Peering into a Pirate's Trove: A Proposal to Conduct High Definition Radiography on Concretions from the Queen Anne's Revenge Shipwreck Site 2008
Wilde-Ramsing, Mark U. Sonar and Diver Analysis of Magnetic Targets in the Vicinity of 31CR314 2007
Wilde-Ramsing, Mark, and Wayne Lusardi Management Plan for North Carolina Shipwreck 31CR314, Queen Anne’s Revenge 1999