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These publications have made major additions to the study of piracy, while also encouraging a greater public interest in the scholarship of an area long romanticized in popular culture. Thanks in part to this body of work, we now possess a greater understanding of 18th century maritime history.

Author(s) Title Year
Allen, Laura Shedding Light on Shipwrecks: Hunting for Blackbeard 1999
Babits, Lawrence E. Pirates 2001
Bailey, Jane Stubbs, Allen Hart Norris, and John H. Oden, III Legends of Black Beard and his Ties to Bath Town: A Study of Historical Events using Genealogical Methodology 2002
Butler, Lindley S. Pirates, Privateers, & Rebel Raiders of the Carolina Coast 2000
Butler, Lindley S. The Quest for Blackbeard's Queen Anne's Revenge 2001
Callahan, John E., J. William Miller, and James R. Craig 2001 Ballast Stones from North Carolina Shipwreck 0003 BUI, The Queen Anne's Revenge: Hand Specimen, X-Ray, Petrographic, Chemical, Paramagnetic and 40K-40Ar Age Results 2001
Cordingly, David Under the Black Flag: The Romance and the Reality of Life among the Pirates 1995
Craig, James R., John E. Callahan, J. William Miller, and Wayne R. Lusardi Preliminary Studies of Some Base and Precious Metals from the Queen Anne's Revenge 2001
Dunkle, Stacie E., J.R. Craig, J.D. Rimstidt, and W.R. Lusardi Romarchite, Hydroromarchite and Abhurite formed during the corrosion of Pewter Artifacts from the Queen Anne's Revenge (1718) 2003
Finney, Suzanne S. The Economics of Shipwreck Management: How do we measure the non-use value of an historic shipwreck? 2002
Hageman, Steven J. Encrusting Invertebrate Faunas and Shipwreck Histories: Ballast Stones from North Carolina Shipwreck 0003BUI Queen Anne's Revenge 2001
Hanks, Stephen and Richard Howell The Adventures of Chip and Pliny the Platypus: Blackbeard the Pirate 2000
Johnson, Captain Charles A General History of the robberies and murders of the most notorious Pyrates 1724
Lee, Robert E. Blackbeard the Pirate: A Reappraisal of His Life and Time 1995
Lusardi, Wayne Damnation Seize My Soul if I Give You Quarter or Take any From You: Cannon, Munitions and Small Arms from the Wreck of the Pirate Vessel Queen Anne's Revenge (1718) 2002
Lusardi, Wayne Do the Artifacts Identify the Beaufort Inlet Shipwreck as the Pirate Blackbeard's Flagship Queen Anne's Revenge? 1999
Lusardi, Wayne R. The Beaufort Inlet Shipwreck Project 2000
Martens, Christopher S. and Ann P. McNichols Radiocarbon Dating of Wood Samples and Plutonium Sediment 2001
McNinch, Jesse E., John T. Wells and Thomas G. Drake The Fate of Artifacts in an Energetic, Shallow-Water Environment: Scour and Burial at the Wreck Site of Queen Anne's Revenge 2001
Miller, J. William, John E. Callahan, James R. Craig, and Katherine M. Whatley ‘Ruling Theories Linger’: Questioning the Identity of the Beaufort Inlet Shipwreck: A Discussion 2005
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Moore, David D. Historical and Archaeological Research Focused on the Hull Remains Associated with Site 0003BUI, Beaufort Inlet, North Carolina 1999
Moore, David D. Blackbeard's Queen Anne's Revenge: Archaeological Interpretation and Research Focused on the Hull Remains and Ship-related Accoutrements Associated with Site 31-CR-314 2001
Moore, David D. Technical Comments Relating to 'Ruling Theory' and the Identification of the Beaufort Inlet Wreck 2005
Moore, David D. Blackbeard the Pirate: Historical Background and the Beaufort Inlet Shipwrecks 1997
Moore, David D. and Mike Daniel Blackbeard's Capture of the Nantaise Slave Ship La Concorde: A Brief Analysis of the Documentary Evidence 2001
Paul, Charles L. Colonial Beaufort: Factors in the Economy of Colonial Beaufort 1967
Paul, Charles L. Colonial Beaufort 1965
Redicker, Marcus Villains of all Nations: Atlantic Pirates in the Golden Age 2004
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Shannon, George W. Jr North Carolina Maritime Museum and the Queen Anne's Revenge 2001
South Carolina Court of Vice-Admiralty The Tryals of Major Stede Bonnet and Other Pirates 1719
Southerly, Chris Queen Anne's Revenge: Did the feared Blackbeard Really Sail this Ship? 2008
Trembanis, Arthur C. and Jesse E. McNinch Predicting Scour and Maximum Settling Depths of Shipwrecks: A Numeric Simulation of the Fate of Queen Anne's Revenge 2003
Watkins-Kenney, Sarah C., Eric Nordgren, Wendy M. Welsh and Nathan C. Henry The Queen Anne's Revenge Shipwreck Project: recovery, examination and treatment of wood 2005
Wells, John T., and Jesse E. McNinch Reconstructing Shoal and Channel Configuration in Beaufort Inlet: 300 years of Change at the Site of Queen Anne's Revenge 2001
Welsh, Wendy Blackbeard and the Queen Anne's Revenge 2009
Wilde-Ramsing, Mark U. Queen Anne's Revenge: The Return of Blackbeard 2001
Wilde-Ramsing, Mark U. The Queen Anne's Revenge Shipwreck Site: A Case Study for Evaluating and Managing Historic Shipwrecks 2005
Wilde-Ramsing, Mark U. The Pirate Ship Queen Anne's Revenge 2006
Wilde-Ramsing, Mark U., and Lauren S. Hermley In Out of the Blue: Public Interpretation of Maritime Cultural Resources 2006